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Are you looking for an unlimited alpine panorama? Mountains in infinite widths, heights and color gradations? A ski paradise in winter and a hiking dream in summer? Then off to tranquil Bayrischzell! The southern foothills of the district of Miesbach are just a stone's throw away from the Austrian border and live and breathe tradition. It is not for nothing that the proud community can make an important contribution to the origin of Bavarian costume culture. Capturing fewer than 2000 inhabitants, the first costume club once emerged here - and with it a movement that is now indispensable in the Free State. Hello, we are looking forward to seeing you!

Places in the area of Bayrischzell

Discover all our accommodations in the places in the area of Bayrischzell from €85.00.

Accommodations in the area of Bayrischzell

Discover all our accommodations and offers in the area of Bayrischzell from €85.00.
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